Friday, June 6, 2008


Saturday,June 7,2008 was the long overdue introduction of I.T.B.(Ilse Themen Band) to Chicago's.With her engaging and commanding stage presence,it soon became apparent that Ilse and her band were more than capable of covering any kind of music that struck their fancy.Blues,rock,R&B and country-rock tunes were seamlessly meshed over the course of the evening in an interesting and infectiously danceable mix.Ilse's smooth but powerful vocals were always bang-on and her tight three piece band,consisting of David Bennett on guitar and vocals,Dave Matthews on bass and vocals and Warren Lastewka on drums,was the driving force behind every tune.Little wonder that this highly professional group fronted by such a beautiful and talented lady continues as a popular attraction all across Ontario.Whether it was the weather or whatever,it would have been nice to see a lot more people in attendance as I'm sure the dance floor would have been packed all night...hopefully next time.The highlight of the night had to be shortly after a rousing singalong of "Boom-Boom..Out Goes The Lights",when the neighbourhood was thrown into darkness just before one A.M.Was it a coincidence or did I.T.B. use up all of the available energy during their show? Maybe a bit of both........I can hardly wait to see what happens next time !!!

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d_byers said...

Great review!

FYI, Ilse Themen (pronounced Tamin') has formed a new band with Myk Thunderiron called: Tamin' Thunder.

Please do a search for them on Facebook to see their upcoming shows. If you want to see packed dance floors, you should come out and see this NEW band.

Themen retains her bassist from ITB, Dave Matthews and Myk Thunderiron brings along drummer Mike Fernlund.

This group is tighter and working on originals and a cd drop later this year. This is very exciting news for the Durham Music Scene!